Taekwon-Do patterns constitute an important part of Taekwon-Do competitions.  A pattern is a series of movements linked together in a prescribed sequence. Both basic and advanced Taekwon-Do techniques can be contained within a single patterns and the higher the level of the competitor, the greater the difficulty of the techniques and the complexity of the pattern. Competitors must perform their highest pattern in front of a panel of judges.

Coloured Belt Patterns:

  • Chon-Ji
  • Dan-Gun
  • Do-San
  • Won-Hyo
  • Yul-Gok
  • Joong-Gun
  • Toi-Gye
  • Hwa-Rang
  • Choong-Moo

Black Belt Patterns:

  • Kwang-Gae
  • Po Eun
  • Gae-Baek
  • Eui-Am
  • Choong-Jang
  • Juche
  • Sam-Il
  • Yoo-Sin
  • Choi-Yong
  • Yong-Gae
  • Ul-Ji
  • Moon-Moo
  • So-San
  • Se-Jong
  • Tong-Il